From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing


Component capacity


Battery capacity


Wafer capacity


Maximum battery capacity

Automatic Manufacturing

The advanced automatic production line opened a new era for capacity, Suntech module factory can work for various advanced technology production requirements, and achieve the transition from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Real-time Interaction Systems

Suntech’s SAP and ERP business platforms can achieve real-time interaction, planning, execution, reporting and analysis, which makes them the most advanced business platforms and enables sustainable innovation
The MES (manufacturing execution system) independently developed by Suntech supports efficient operation of production management and manufacturing process.


The digital production allows Suntech to trace all incoming materials from suppliers during the production process from the beginning to final product. This is key too to have a rigorous quality control along the manufacturing process, to manufacture top quality product for our clients.

Elevated Warehouse

The integrated elevated and fully automated warehouse is a modernized three-dimensional warehouse integrating functions of warehousing for save and careful handling.

The hardware facilities allow containers and flat trucks shipping at the same time 24 hours a day to insure “in time” deliveries.